Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Summer Wrap

I know, I know! It doesn't even feel like Spring and I'm working on a summer wrap. Well, I can't help it . . . the few sunny / warm days we've enjoyed just make me so happy. As does the beautiful yarn I bought last year when Shelagh and I visited The Frayed Knot yarn store in Savannah.

The yarn is 630 yards of gorgeous cotton rayon hand painted by Blue Heron Yarns out of Maryland. It's got a lovely shiny and matte look to it. And the colour is called Deep Blue Sea. Cotton. Aqua. Deep Blue Sea. Summer, right?

But what to make? In my mind I picture a lovely summer shawl, a wide rectangle in waves of blue to throw over your shoulder when the air conditioning is a bit much at the office . . . or out at dinner. And because it's cotton, it could be wrapped like a scarf over a bright white T-shirt with a pair of comfy jeans. Something lacy but not too precious.

After looking for patterns in stitch guides and online--I even started a few rows of the ubiquitous Seafoam pattern--I finally found this unnamed stitch. The site considers it to be part of the lace family. I've done a few rows and I really like it . . . but should the entire wrap be done like this or maybe break it up with some stockinette to show all the lovely qualities of the yarn?

I'm going to do a few more rows like this and then decide, but I'd love some feedback: knit an entire wrap like this or add some stockinette to break it up? I'd love to hear from you!

Here's the openwork stitch. Can you see an entire wrap done like this?

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