About Us

L - R: Irene, Shelagh and Margaret at Canadian Thanksgiving 2013.

Margaret (the eldest sister): Our mother tried to teach me to knit when I was 12 or 13 years old. But I was obstinate and didn't actually learn (from a neighbour!) until I was 21. Of course, once I learned, I became obsessed. Our mother taught my friends to knit, and we all made ourselves sweaters. It was great fun.

But, with the ebb and flow of life and work, I eventually stopped knitting. But when my youngest sister learned to knit at 46, I came back to knitting – and again I am obsessed!

Shelagh (the middle sister): Our mother taught me to knit and crochet when I was about 8. My first project was a lime green hat — and I achieved my knitting badge in Brownies with that! I did get away from needlework as I raised my family, but I have always made baby blankets for shower gifts.

I taught Irene to knit and crochet a few years ago and that rekindled my “addiction.” I now host a weekly “needlework night” at my home and teach others. I also began taking commissions for projects.

Irene (the youngest sister): Shelagh taught Irene to knit when she was going through chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer in 2011. As she, too, became obsessed with knitting, Irene admitted to having regrets about not learning from our mother. As Shelagh says, “I think the act of knitting was in part to bring her closer to Mum through their shared experience with breast cancer and in part to honour her.”

It was Irene's growing obsession with knitting that drew the two of us back to it. Then, when we learned Irene's breast cancer had returned and spread, we spent time in the hospital talking about yarn and patterns and projects. Margaret and Shelagh knit as they spent time with Irene. Out of that communal experience grew the idea for 3 Sisters Knit.

We create items with love and laughter and yarn to honour our mother and our sister. It's a family tradition.