Monday, April 6, 2015

Manic Monday - The Yarn Yogi

Back in February, Shelagh and I made yarn bowls at a local paint-your-own pottery place. We each had our own approach to painting our noodle / yarn bowl, but we had so much fun just painting and talking. So when my friend Susan told me she would be taking a week's "stay-cation," I told her about the fun we had.

Susan knits as well and, as I thought, she was up for doing something a little different. And I wanted to do another bowl anyway.

Again, we each had our own approach, but it was fun!

As you can see, I came up with an idea to blend my two passions: knitting and yoga! The pink-haired yogi in easy seated position is me, knitting with her heart. And I got really creative by painting the ball of yarn inside the bowl to flow out easily.

I think this yarn bowl painting is becoming addictive!

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