Friday, October 16, 2015

Fashion Friday - Three Ways to Wear a Knit Shawl

For today's Fashion Friday, we're talking shawls. While not quite the same as ponchos, which are everywhere this season, shawls are truly versatile accessories. These mid-size triangles can be worn multiple ways. First up: two ways to wear your shawl for that funky and comfortable "boho" look.

To start your boho look, wear a sheer top over a tank or long-sleeved T-shirt. Worn with tights, ballet flats and a leather tote, your shawl can either be worn traditionally (shown above, over both shoulders, point down the back) or “rolled” to a narrow shape and tied (see below). This look would be great for running around or, better yet, for travelling. The rolled shawl is a nice accessory as you move through platforms or gates; then, once seated, unroll and throw over your shoulders to keep you warm.

The final look takes traditional accessories and amps them up for a fun look with your LBD. How about wearing your pearl necklace twisted around your wrist as a bracelet? Then add a funky cocktail ring and pearl-studded clutch to really make your look vintage. And we always we need a wrap, so why not keep the vintage look with a colourful shawl? While everything is vintage, this really ain't your grandma's look!

So there you have it: a shawl provides function, style, warmth.

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