Friday, May 29, 2015

FO Friday - Yoga Socks are Done!

You might recall that I started another pair of yoga socks a while back. I was inspired by my friend Wendy, who was beginning her first pair of yoga socks back in April. She told me about the Karma Socks initiative for The Hospital for Sick Children (aka Sick Kids). This initiative is to bring yoga to teens going through cancer treatments. And I also heard from our local yarn store about this Karma Project: knit and donate a pair (or two) of yoga socks for the teens.

What a brilliant idea! As an emerging yoga teacher (as is Wendy) and avid knitter, this seemed like the perfect meshing of my two loves . . . and to support young people going through cancer treatments, well, I'm there.

Although I used some stash sock yarn and not the yarn suggested, I did use the pattern . . . and I modified it. So, now I'm done and gave the socks to Shelagh to bring to Knit Night for the store to send along to the hospital.

My wish is for the wearer to accomplish Vrsksasana or Tree Pose. I love this pose because I feel simultaneously rooted and ready to take flight. I send my heartfelt wish for health and happiness and love and joy for the wearer. Above, I'm demonstrating a version of Tree Pose that shows off these fun socks knit with love.

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