Thursday, August 21, 2014

Knitting Memories

Three sisters learned to knit at different times in their lives. The youngest, she learned as she went through chemo. And then, when the final battle was underway, the three sisters spent every day together, knitting enough memories for a lifetime.

Two sisters, Shelagh and Margaret, loved getting back into knitting and decided to sell their knitted goods to remember their sister and their mother.

While Shelagh and I spent time with Irene in the hospital, we knit.  Shelagh shared some of her yarn stash with me and we knit. Knitting helped us through. And now, months later, we have become immersed in the knitting life. We have become yarn-aholic, yarn-obsessed nerds. And we've discovered a large community of like-minded people out there! We want to share our adventures in knitting: what we are making, what we are learning, and who we are meeting.

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